Study has changed my view on my life

05 Aug 2021

We talked to CUC Balonne student and aspiring midwife, Casey, about how education has changed her view on life. Casey tells us about how her degree will help her turn her advocacy for Indigenous women and their families into a career where she can make a difference. Casey wants to make her impact in rural and remote communities, where she aims to contribute to help in closing the gap.


Why did you choose to study your degree and what do you enjoy most about it?

I chose to study midwifery because I want to be an advocate for Indigenous women and their families during the most precious moments in their lives. My aim is to work closely in the rural and remote communities to contribute to closing the gap. I enjoy everything about my degree, it’s challenging but it will be worth it at the end.

Are there any challenges you have faced being a regional student? How will CUC Balonne help overcome these challenges?

The challenges that I’ve faced whilst being a student so far away from University is finding time to study and complete assignments while juggling work priorities. Also not being able to attend physical lab classes. Balonne facilities will help me overcome some of these challenges as there is suitable resources and it is a quiet place to study whenever I want to study and attend online classes. I know do not need to worry about internet shortages and connection problems.

Student Photo – Alix Greenhill and Casey Smith at CUC Balonne Open Day where Casey was a recipient of a Get Inspired Student Pack, which included a refurbished laptop from NBN.

How will the laptop NBN donated help you with your studies?

The laptop will assist me with my studies as I will be able to use it whilst on practical placements and on campus residential schools.

What would your advice be to other regional and rural people who are considering study?

Definitely do it, since I’ve started studying it really has changed my view on my life and I can see the opportunities that I will gain from it. It is hard, especially if you are considering online studying but it is all worth it.

Casey Smith, is a CUC Balonne student, studying Bachelor of Midwifery (Indigenous) through the Australian Catholic University.

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