Balonne Shire Student Resource Bursary 

A number of Balonne Shire Student Resource Bursaries is available to students who are registered with CUC Balonne and have a permanent home address in the Balonne Region. 

You can apply for this bursary up to the value of $5,000 paid in a single payment for laptops, textbooks, lab coats, scrubs, lab or technology equipment, tools, software or other expenses related to purchases of equipment or resources required for the completion of your study.

Eligibility criteria include: 

  • Studying through an Australian University or Registered Training Provider 
  • Registered with the CUC Balonne as a current student. 
  • Permanent home address within the Balonne region.  
  • Express need for funding to support study.  

Applicants needs to submit: 

  1. Online application form completed.
  2. Proof of enrolment as studying through an Australian University or registered training organisation. 
  3. A written character reference/letter of support.  
  4. Short (up to 500) word letter addressed to the Board of CUC Balonne that outlines why you have applied for the bursary, indication of financial need, what the bursary will be spent on and an estimation of how funds are budgeted for each educational resource you intend on purchasing.  

If successful, recipients may be asked for photo and or statement that can be used by CUC Balonne, Balonne Shire Council or relevant Federal department.  

Bursary payments are made after your institution’s census or fee payment date.  

Applications will open on 29 January and close 23 February and must be submitted via online form.  

For more information contact  

The bursary decisions will be made by an independent panel and may include an interview.  

Balonne Shire Resource Bursary Form