Dirranbandi Country Universities Centre Open for Community

08 Jul 2021

A Country Universities Centre (CUC) is starting up in Dirranbandi and the community has the opportunity to inspect the facilities later this month.

Local CUC Balonne Board Member Andrea Killen said there will be an open evening on July 20 in the Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre (RTC).

“This Centre will provide flexible support and access for local students in Semester 2,” Ms Killen said.

“The Centre will kick off with an Open Evening event at 5:30pm on July 20, and the community are invited to come see the space and discover more about how the CUC Balonne can support local students with their studies.

“Being located in such a small town makes this Country University Centre (CUC) one of a kind and, with the Commonwealth Government’s support, there have been significant upgrades to the internet connection, security and accessibility of the RTC building.”

Ms Killen said the opening of a CUC Balonne in Dirranbandi is an exciting opportunity for the community to have greater accessibility to further study options.

“A move away to study at university or to access VET opportunities is not an option for all students, especially our youth,” she said.

“The CUC hub will provide a more supportive, and financially viable, option for students to study in community.

“Access to current technology and free high-speed internet will make engaging in online university study and VET courses accessible to all. This has been an obstacle in the past, with poor connectivity placing many at a disadvantage.

“We have really appreciated the wonderful support of the RTC to see this project realised, another great example of locals supporting locals.”

The CUC Balonne is supported by the Commonwealth Government under the Regional University Centres Program alongside key local support, including the Balonne Shire Council.

Further information is available from CUC Manager Alix Greenhill on 0409 446 421 or email: alix.greenhill@cucbalonne.edu.au


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