CUC Balonne made getting back into study easy

28 Sep 2022

We had the chance to catch with current student Harry, who has recently completed his Graduate Certificate of Business through University of New England. We had the chance to talk about what studying online means to him and how it allows him to continue working in his family business as well as maintain his study commitments. Harry also has some great advice for future students.

Why did you choose your degree and what do you enjoy most about it?

There were a couple of reasons I chose do pursue the graduate certificate in business. First, I noticed business management as an area where I could improve upon the knowledge I already have. It was an area where I recognised potential to upskill. Secondly, the timeframe in which I could complete my studies. I did not want prolonged study, so I chose the grad cert because it could be completed in one, or two semesters. I intend on remaining self employed so I did not see the benefit associated with the extra cost of pursuing a masters at this stage, the grad cert was more appropriate for what I was looking to achieve.

Tell us a bit about what you are doing now

I have returned home, back into the family business. We’re a mixed farming partnership. We have broad acre irrigation and also breed lambs for the store market.

Summarise your student journey, what were some of the challenges of studying online?

Having completed my undergraduate studies about 11 years ago, the thought of studying again was a bit daunting. The transition though was seamless. I actually found that my eagerness to learn as a mature aged student was far greater than when I was younger completing my undergrad. Having worked in the industry for eleven years I had a fair idea of the area of study I wanted to target and what I was looking to achieve out of my study. I thought studying remotely was fantastic. It allowed me to study on my own schedule at times when I could focus. Most major universities are now very well equipped to accommodate external learning. And the CUC provides an extra resource to facilitate this method of study.

Why do you think the CUC is a great asset to the community?

The CUC is a fantastic resource for our community. It provides locals with the professional hub, on par with all the major universities in metropolitan areas, but in our home community. This allows students to pursue their studies in a community they are already immersed in and comfortable with. Furthermore more, it allows working aged professionals to upskill without having to make any major changes in their lives to accommodate their studies. It’s also a great facility for students completing practical training at the local hospitals.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about study?

I’d tell prospective students to do some work experience in the industry that they have an interest in. If that intrigue grows, then it maybe a career worth pursuing and gaining qualifications. I would not encourage studying for the sake of it. I’d also encourage potential students to study in an environment they’re familiar with. Studying in a comfortable and familiar environment will help alleviate the stress of studying.

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