Councils from across Queensland visit CUC Balonne

13 Dec 2022

Over 20 Representatives from Councils across Queensland travelled thousand of kilometres to inspect CUC Balonne’s award-winning educational facilities that are improving access to higher learning opportunities for regional, rural and remote students.

‘The Hub’ facility provides regional students with the opportunity to follow higher learning opportunities whilst staying in their hometown, close to family and friends via dedicated study and learning spaces, free access to high-speed internet, modern technology and general academic support.

Balonne Shire Mayor, Samantha O’Toole welcomed representatives from Councils across Queensland to share with other regions just why this facility hand educational model has been so successful.

“It was great to be able to share the successes and experiences we have learnt in our collaboration with Country Universities Centre to create access to more educational opportunities in our local region,” Mayor O’Toole said.

“The Hub is providing an effective space, the right technology and academic support for students in our Shire to focus on and succeed in their studies, without having to move away from home,” she said.

During the inspection, representatives also hear from one of CUC Balonne’s students Ambassadors, Lucy Sevil who shared with the group just how much the CUC has improved her motivation to study and her ability to study successfully whilst staying in the region.

“The CUC made such a significant difference to my study life,” Ms Sevil said.

“I believe the key to a good study session is a good environment with quiet study rooms, various desktop computers, good Wi-Fi, printing and kitchen facilities, and the CUC offers all of these. “Instead of trying to study in my house, where there are various distractions and no accoutnability or resources, The CUC gives me the perfect space to go where I can learn, study and socialise as if I were at a real university.”

“Previously if I wanted to pursue a university degree, I would have to move away from my family, but with The CUC I can focus on my goals and aspirations all right here in the area that I love.”

“Another particularly difficult aspect of online study is having to motivate yourself and having little socialisation in the way of studying, but since using the CUC, I have connected with other people studying, wheras previously I knew no one.”

“We all have goals and aspirations, that can now be achieved right here on our Balonne River.”

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