Certificate provided self-paced study and further career options

15 Dec 2022

We recently caught up with Jaydan, who has recently completed his Certificate III in Automotive Sales. We had the chance find out how he completed study at his own pace and the benefit he saw from registering with the CUC Balonne.

Why did you choose your degree and what do you enjoy most about it?

I completed Certificate III in automotive sales specialising in Parts. I chose this course because it provides lots of options for further career paths. I enjoyed the opportunities that completing this study has allowed me including growing my contact list as well as teaching me how to maintain these contacts. Completing a Certificate III was really beneficial for me as it was self-paced so, I was able to complete a three year course in two years. This is a great option for people who want study at their own pace.

Tell us a bit about what you are doing now

Since finishing my study I was provided the opportunity to transfer from Case in St George to Case in Dalby and further on which means I am able to work with bigger clients and further my career. I am looking forward to where I go on from here.

Summarise your student journey, what were some of the challenges of studying online?

Studying online was difficult as I was only visited by my trainer four times throughout my studies which made it very hard to get help when I needed it. Joining the CUC helped a great deal in assisting me when I was struggling which made me more motivated in my studies.

Why do you think the CUC is a great asset to the community?

CUC is a great asset to the community because it brings young and like-minded people together in a community where they might not have had the chance otherwise.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about study?

I completed the same amount of work in three months that had previously taken me twelve months once I joined the CUC Balonne. So, if you’re thinking about studying make sure you join the CUC it will be worth your time.

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