Becoming a Nurse to Help Others

11 Jul 2022

We recently caught up with Rylie, who is studying a Bachelor of Nursing through the University of Southern Queensland. She is an extremely dedicated and hardworking student that we are proud to call one of CUC Balonne’s Student Ambassadors. Rylie grew up in Dirranbandi, loves living rurally and had a dream to become a nurse even though going away to University was never an option. It was excellent to take this opportunity to hear why she chose to study a Bachelor of Nursing.

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Why did you choose your degree and what do you enjoy most about it?

I chose to study nursing because I have always wanted to go into a career that helps other people and as I grew up, I discovered my passion for medicine. The aspect of my degree that I enjoy the most is the ability to learn many different concepts of nursing that I have always been curious about.

Are there any challenges you have faced being a regional student? How will CUC Balonne help overcome these challenges?

Being a regional student and studying nursing has proven some challenges. These challenges include not having access to the same facilities as on-campus university students. While this proved to be a challenge at the beginning of my degree, CUC helped overcome these challenges with the spaces and support available. What has helped me most is the access to free internet and printing while also having a quiet place to study.

What would your advice be to other regional and rural people who are considering study?

My advice to other people who wish to study remotely is to ensure you are motivated to the course you wish to do, and to explore all options of extra help. Studying externally can be extremely isolating, therefore, finding places like CUC can make the experience less nerve racking due to the amount of help they provide.

What is your favorite thing about CUC Balonne?

My favorite aspect of CUC is the amount of support available in all aspects of uni life including having unlimited resources, social engagements and more. Each part of CUC has helped make my university experience easier.

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